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BasicMouse & BasicBrowser Kiosk Software 6.14

BasicMouse & BasicBrowser Kiosk Software 6.14: Block mouse and keyboard, kids browser. Kiosk software & Teaching tool in one! Mouse and BasicBoard Kiosk Software protects public computers and allows parents and teachers to easily restrict several functions of the computer mouse and keyboard. The right mouse button can be switched off completely, all buttons can be set to send left-clicks, mouse clicks can be restricted to a particular area of the screen and much more. It is intended to make it easier to use the computer, by for instance eliminating the problem of accidental

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Triple Blocks 2.03

The playing field is filled with colored blocks. The object of the game is to remove all the blocks from the playing field with the fewest swaps. Do this by swapping blocks so that three blocks of the same color form a vertical or horizontal line. When three blocks form a line, they are removed from the playing field and any blocks above them drop down. To swap two blocks just position the mouse over them and click the left mouse button.

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tool_bar Make your own toolbar for any application with icons drawn by you

Most applications have keyboard shortcuts for menu commands and other operations. tool_bar gives ability to create your own buttons for these shortcuts. As a result you will be able to make by one mouse click the things that usually are done by keyboard or menu and have your own custom designed tool bar with application-specific set of buttons drawn by you that flies over any program in the application-specific relative location set by you.

desktop, icons, shortcuts, customizable toolbar

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